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In this video we look at a first look at Workflow in Joomla 4.



Here's a summarized version of the transcript you provided:

- Introduction to the video about Joomla 4 workflow.
- Mention of the video sponsor,
- Brief personal updates and anecdotes.
- Introduction to the workflow feature in Joomla 4.
- Reference to a detailed guideline on Joomla 4 workflow on the JoomShaper site.
- Explanation of the importance of planning a workflow.
- Overview of the content workflow used in the tutorial.
- Creation of a user group named "editorial team."
- Adding users to the "editorial team" group.
- Enabling the workflow feature in Joomla.
- Creating a new custom workflow named "custom workflow."
- Creating various workflow stages such as "idea," "on hold," "in progress," etc.
- Setting up transition actions between workflow stages.
- Defining the publishing state for transitions.
- Configuring notification settings for workflow stages.
- Mentioning the option to notify specific user groups.
- Demonstrating the notification settings for the "editorial team" user group.

Please note that the transcript provided was quite lengthy, so this summary covers the major points in bullet form.


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