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Caching is great to speed up the page load time of your Joomla site, but sometimes you just want to empty some or all of it!


00:00 - Introduction and Sponsor Message

00:31 - Introduction to Caching and Its Importance

01:01 - Causes of Caching Issues

01:32 - How Caching Works

02:03 - Accessing Cache Management in Joomla

02:39 - Clearing Specific Cache Files

03:13 - Deleting All Cache Files

03:43 - Clearing Expired Cache

04:20 - Example of Clearing Expired Cache

05:01 - Conclusion and Call to Action




Tim Davis explains how to manage caching issues in Joomla, particularly when changes on the site are not reflected on the front end.

He mentions various types of caching that could be causing issues, including browser cache, Cloudflare caching, and web host caching.

Caching is beneficial as it speeds up page load times by storing a "picture" of the page, avoiding repeated database queries.

When the cached "picture" gets outdated, the fresh content may not display, necessitating cache clearing.

Davis demonstrates how to access the cache management options from the Joomla home dashboard or through the system menu.

Users can clear specific cache files if they only need to update a particular section of the site, such as a custom module.

For a comprehensive refresh, users can delete all cache files, allowing the system to rebuild updated cache files.

The "Clear Expired Cache" option helps manage cache files that have exceeded their set expiry dates, preventing database bloat.

An example is provided to show how clearing expired cache files can reduce the number of cached pages and clean up the site.

Tim concludes by encouraging viewers to subscribe for more Joomla tutorials and tips, emphasizing the importance of regular cache management for site performance.

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