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Join us as we take a first look at Latest News Enhanced from Olivier Buisard of Simplify Your Web. Some Key Timestamps (will be filled in after the live stream

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- Title: "(1) First Look at Latest News Enhanced for Joomla - 👀 WMW 229 - YouTube"
- Transcript highlights:
- Video focuses on exploring the Latest News Enhanced extension for Joomla.
- Tim Davis, a Joomla enthusiast, hosts the video on the Basic Joomla Tutorials YouTube channel.
- The video is sponsored by mysites.doguru, offering tools for Joomla site management.
- Tim expresses interest in Latest News Enhanced due to a need for more versatile content selection by tags.
- Olivia Bard, the creator of the extension, is mentioned as a friend in the Joomla community.
- Tim plans to compare the extension with another module he uses for displaying news.
- Tim discusses the latest Joomla 5 update and mentions working on his site with a team member.
- He shares his experience with Raxel, a Joomla 5 compatible extension, for displaying videos.
- Tim explores the Latest News Enhanced extension's features, including multiple ways to select articles, style customization, and more.
- The free version is demonstrated, and Tim plans to purchase the Pro version for advanced features.
- Notable features discussed include article filtering by tags, authors, custom fields, and even meta keywords.
- Tim shows interest in using the extension to display news feeds from another site.
- The video involves installing the Latest News Enhanced module and exploring its configuration options.
- Various configuration settings are discussed, including layout, theming, and customization of display elements.
- Pro features like additional themes, background colors, and advanced theming options are briefly mentioned.
- The extension's ability to link to a calendar is touched upon, and Tim considers it as a useful feature.
- The video concludes with Tim planning to purchase the Pro version and exploring the extension further.

Note: The summary is condensed and may not capture every detail in the lengthy transcript.


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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