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Is your Joomla database too big? In this video we see how to find out what tables in your Joomla database and some of the considerations and steps involved in reducing it in size.


 - Title: "Joomla Database Too Big? How to fix it! - 🛠 MM #203 - YouTube"
- Presenter: Tim Davis
- Video focused on fixing large Joomla databases
- Sponsored by
- Discusses managing Joomla site databases efficiently
- Tutorial on identifying and reducing table sizes in the database
- Advises sorting tables by size to analyze largest ones
- Emphasizes caution and backup before making changes
- Demonstrates using phpMyAdmin to export and import database backups
- Highlights tables related to extensions like sh-404 sef urls, acym user stats, ucm history, content, acy mailing history, redirect links, kunina messages, ad agency stats, plugin system cookies policy notifier bar logs, seo errors, student question, student choice

Monday Maintenance 203


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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