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In today's live stream we're taking some time connect with what is happening for and with everyone who is part of the community of this channel. Join us!


  • The video is titled "Community Life Day - 👀 Watch Me Work 137 - YouTube."
    - The video features a live stream where the host talks about community and Joomla-related topics.
    - The host mentions their sponsor, "," and offers a coupon code for viewers.
    - The host plans to open a Zoom call for discussion but encounters technical issues.
    - There is a conversation with a guest named Chaitin, who discusses software subscription models.
    - Chaitin shares personal news about the birth of his daughter.
    - Chaitin is currently staying at his wife's childhood home, and they plan to return to Delhi in 4-8 weeks.
    - Chaitin's sister-in-law visited his place and cleaned it up recently.
    - They plan to involve their baby in cleaning tasks in the future.

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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