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If your Joomla Admin area is broken because of an extension that you need to unpublish but you can't unpublish it because your Joomla admin area is broken, this video will show you how to find the problem and regain the access and/or functionality you need to move forward.


 - The video is titled "Joomla Admin Backend Catch 22 - 🛠 MM #271 - YouTube."
- The video is about solving a problem with the Joomla admin backend caused by a broken extension.
- The speaker is Tim Davis, and the video is part of the Basic Joomla Tutorials YouTube channel.
- Joseph had a similar problem with his Joomla site, which is used as an example in the video.
- The video explains how to enable debugging and error reporting when the backend is broken.
- To enable debugging and error reporting, you need to edit the global configuration.php file on your web hosting account.
- The video shows how to locate and edit the configuration.php file to change the debug and error reporting settings.
- Once debugging and error reporting are enabled, the video demonstrates how to identify the problematic extension causing the issue.
- Instead of renaming folders, the video suggests disabling the problematic plugin directly in the Joomla database using PHPMyAdmin.
- The speaker walks through the process of finding and disabling the plugin in the database.
- After disabling the plugin, the video shows that the backend access is restored, allowing users to address the issue.
- The video encourages viewers to subscribe for more Joomla-related content.

Monday Maintenance 271


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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