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00:00 - Introduction and Sponsor

00:47 - Using Google to Find Free Images

01:19 - Filtering Images with Creative Commons License

01:50 - Downloading and Using the Image

02:26 - Adding Attribution to the Image




Introduction and Sponsor: Tim Davis introduces the video and acknowledges the sponsor, MySites.Guru, offering free site audits for Joomla sites.

Using Google to Find Free Images: Tim shares a tip from Bjorn on using Google to find free images for Joomla sites when other platforms like Unsplash or Pixabay don't have what you need.

Filtering Images with Creative Commons License: Tim demonstrates how to use Google Image Search tools to filter images with Creative Commons licenses, ensuring they can be used for free with proper attribution.

Downloading and Using the Image: Tim selects an image and downloads it to his computer for use on his Joomla site.

Adding Attribution to the Image: Tim shows how to retrieve the HTML attribution code from Google and paste it into the article where the image is used, ensuring proper credit is given.


In this video, Tim Davis provides a helpful tip for finding free images for Joomla sites using Google Image Search. By filtering images with Creative Commons licenses and adding proper attribution, users can enhance their Joomla sites with high-quality visuals without infringing on copyright.

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