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Are you ever confused about the proper capitalization of words in the titles of your Joomla articles or other things? In this video we check out an online tool which will clear everything up - for English titles at least!



  • Video discusses capitalization rules for titles, especially in Joomla articles.
    - Host struggles with technical difficulties at the beginning of the live stream.
    - Video sponsored by, offering website and security audits.
    - Demonstrates a tool called for formatting titles.
    - Explains different capitalization styles: AP style, title case, camel case, start case, etc.
    - Shows an example of converting a title using
    - Briefly mentions Norwegian capitalization rules.
    - Host shares personal approach to title capitalization on his Joomla site.
    - Viewer comments suggest using Grammarly for spelling and grammar checks.
    - Discussion about optimal title length for SEO purposes.
    - Host admits not being strong in grammar and languages.
    - Host's daughter is skilled with languages, mentions experience with Hebrew.
    - Some mention of Latin and Ipsum Lorem.

Monday Maintenance 152


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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