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Join us for an in-depth introduction and look at JoomDev's Astroid Framework for Joomla! with Chetan Madaan, owner of JoomDev. If you want to install this free framework and follow along,

you can download it at ►


Here are shortcuts to different main Astroid Framework topics:

- The video is an introduction to JoomDev's Astroid Framework for Joomla.
- The video is part of a "Watch Me Work Live Stream" on YouTube.
- The video begins with some introductory remarks and information about giveaways.
- Jatin, a representative from JoomDev, discusses the history of the company and its origins.
- The company was registered in 2009, but the product side of the business began around 2014-2015.
- JoomDev has about 10+ staff members dedicated to serving clients and creating extensions and templates.
- The live stream takes place at different time zones, with Jatin in India and the host on the "left coast of Canada."
- The host invites Jatin to share his screen and demonstrate the Astroid Framework.
- They discuss the preloader feature and its customization options.
- They also talk about the "back to top" feature, including its appearance and mobile/desktop control.
- Customization options for the "back to top" icon, including size, color, and shape, are explained.
- The layout setting, including the box layout with a background image, is demonstrated.
- Jatin explains that Astroid uses module positions that must exist in the layout manager.
- The layout manager is limited to four elements: header, default component, message, and banner.
- The header's layout options, including horizontal layout with logo, menu, and block, are discussed.
- The header block can contain custom HTML or a module position.
- The video demonstrates selecting a custom HTML block for the header.
- It appears that the video covers several customization and layout options for the Astroid Framework in Joomla.


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