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Let's take a look at Joomla's core accessibility tester.


00:02 - Introduction to the live stream, highlighting Joomla accessibility testing.

01:06 - Discussion on upcoming topics and schedule.

02:04 - Technical setup and issues before diving into tools.

03:23 - Announcement of upcoming absence due to travel.

06:03 - Initiation of accessibility testing with Joomla's tool.

07:11 - Testing accessibility on a Joomla article.

10:11 - Identification and explanation of accessibility issues.

13:53 - Demonstration of fixing accessibility issues.

16:23 - Use of DB Replacer from Regular Labs for global fixes.

18:34 - Further refinement of accessibility testing.

20:03 - Exploration of page outline for heading structure.

22:36 - Addressing issues with empty links.

25:08 - Using color contrast checker for accessibility.

26:44 - Discussion on fixing contrast issues.

29:10 - Testing and confirming fixes.

30:57 - Conclusion and summary of findings.

31:43 - Input field labeling issues discussed.

32:48 - Issues with links opening in new tabs without warning.

33:30 - Handling "mailto" links and usability concerns.

36:27 - Adjusting link behavior for better user experience.

38:53 - Technical adjustments for link handling.

40:02 - Browser-specific issues with "mailto" links.

41:45 - User experience considerations with links.

42:33 - Accessibility check focusing on link behavior.

44:33 - Configuration of links in Joomla CMS.

46:40 - Improving navigation with categorized links.

47:38 - Accessibility concerns with video descriptions.

48:21 - Readability tools applied for content presentation.

49:57 - Testing accessibility with color filters.

52:25 - Further use of accessibility tools.

54:45 - Applying accessibility checks to different content.

56:43 - Integration of accessibility options.

57:50 - Update on maintenance and future plans.

59:53 - Final remarks and interaction with viewers.

1:00:50 - Discussion on Auto Readmore plugin behavior.

1:06:00 - Troubleshooting and solutions for plugin issues.

1:18:11 - SQL operations for Joomla article structure.

1:34:43 - Reviewing database operations related to read more markers.

1:38:49 - Conclusion and wrap-up of troubleshooting session.

1:41:23 - Final remarks and signing off.

This summary captures the main topics and timestamps discussed throughout the live stream, focusing on Joomla accessibility testing tools, technical challenges, and solutions explored during the session.

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