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In this video I do some practising with Template Creator CK for Joomla. Keep in mind this was a live stream, which is a more laid back format on my channel. So this may show more of what I DON'T know about this Joomla Extension. I hope to have better tutorials on how to use Template Creator CK soon!


  • The video is about using CK Template Creator for Joomla.
    - The speaker mentions his interest in exploring CK Template Creator.
    - He talks about waiting for news regarding the Asteroid framework.
    - The speaker wants to gain more experience with different template frameworks.
    - They mention Mary Nevious as a fan of CK Template Creator.
    - The speaker hired someone to help with their company.
    - They plan to use CK Template Creator on their website.
    - The speaker checks if the livestream is public.
    - They mention using the free version of CK Template Creator.
    - CK Template Creator is compatible with both Joomla 3 and Joomla 4.
    - The speaker installs CK Template Creator.
    - They start building a template with various settings.
    - The speaker discusses adjusting the layout, logo, and menu.
    - They show how to edit styles and settings for different elements.
    - The speaker talks about linking the logo to the homepage.
    - They encounter a caching issue while saving the template.
    - The speaker mentions turning off JCH Optimize to resolve the issue.


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