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A lot of the widgets and things we load on our Joomla sites from other services (YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, ETC) increase page load speed because they are resources coming from servers otehr than our own. Many of these items can be replaced with static images without affecting their intended purpose and function (ie. subscribe buttons.) How to do this simple trick is the topic of this Maintenance Monday live stream!



 - The video discusses a technique to improve Joomla page load speed by faking widgets that load content from external sources.
- The speaker, Tim Davis, addresses viewers as Joomla fans and mentions this is the 89th Maintenance Monday.
- The video demonstrates using images to replace widgets loaded from external sources to speed up page loading.
- Widgets like YouTube subscriber counts are shown as examples, which normally load from YouTube, slowing down the page.
- The speaker uses GTmetrix to analyze the loading times of elements on the Joomla site, emphasizing the loading delay caused by external widgets.
- The approach involves taking screenshots of these widgets, converting them into images, and hosting them on the site's server.
- A custom module is created in Joomla to display the fake images, and the links behind the widgets are hotlinked to relevant destinations.
- The speaker demonstrates the steps in the Joomla backend and explains how to create such modules.
- The speaker mentions that these optimization efforts, while small, contribute to the overall speed of a website.
- The technique can also be applied to other widgets, and the speaker encourages viewers to share ideas in the comments.
- Another example is given using an image as a signup form instead of loading the Google reCAPTCHA widget, further reducing external calls and improving page speed.
- The video concludes by summarizing the benefits of these optimizations for page load speed.
- The speaker addresses audience questions and suggestions in the live chat.

Monday Maintenance 089


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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