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There have been many times I wanted to make a layout override in Joomla but I could not find where the file was that I needed to edit. Thanks to Ruud van Lent for showing me how to solve this mystery so I could make this video and show you in Maintenance Monday #250




- The video is about learning how to find and make layout overrides in Joomla.
- Tim Davis is the presenter, and the video is from the "Maintenance Monday" series.
- He thanks for sponsoring the video and mentions a free site audit offer.
- Tim explains that he learned the technique from Rude Van Lent from ochonline Community Hub.
- He wanted to remove a horizontal rule from OCH blog and had trouble finding the file for the layout override.
- Tim demonstrates the process on the Joomla back end, looking for the file "author_info.php."
- He clicks on "Default" under site templates and finds the desired file under "Cassiopeia HTML layouts com OCH blog default."
- Tim deletes the horizontal rule from the file, saves it, and successfully makes the layout override.
- He shares his excitement about the process and encourages viewers to subscribe for more videos.

(Note: The transcript is a bit verbose, so the bullet points are kept concise while capturing the main points.)

Monday Maintenance 250


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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