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One of the most common errors that occurs when creating a test Joomla 4 Migration area with MigrateMe 4 occurs at the 75% mark.

A summary of this video:

  • Title: "Creation of Test Joomla 4 Migration Area Fails Near 75%"
  • The video is about Joomla training by cybersol's cohort.
  • They discuss a common error during the creation of a test Joomla 4 migration area with "Migrate Me 4" at around 75% progress.
  • They show an error message with "status 500" and "zip archive not found."
  • The error occurs because the zip PHP module is not enabled in the web hosting's PHP version.
  • They demonstrate how to enable the zip PHP module in the PHP selector area of a cPanel host.
  • Enabling zip in PHP allows "Migrate Me 4" to progress beyond the 75% point.
  • The video concludes by inviting viewers to subscribe for more videos about Joomla and ends with a farewell message.

Creation of Test Joomla 4 Migration Area Fails Near 75


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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