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If you have changed the structure of your Joomla site and you have lots of URLs to "redirect", use Regex in the rewrites in your .htaccess file. It will save you a ton of time repairing broken links one at a time. How to use Regex in the .htaccess rewrites of your Joomla site is what today's Maintenance Monday live stream is all about.




  • Video about using Regex in .htaccess URL Rewrites for Joomla site maintenance.
    - Hosted by Jim Davis on "Maintenance Monday" episode 80.
    - Jim is a Joomla fan and provides tutorials on the Basic Joomla Tutorials YouTube channel.
    - Viewers are encouraged to interact: say hi in live chat, subscribe, ring the notification bell, and like the video.
    - Purpose: Using regex rules in .htaccess file for URL rewriting in Joomla.
    - Demonstrates a scenario of changing category names and handling URL changes.
    - Shows how to create rewrite rules in the .htaccess file.
    - Explains the process of redirecting old URLs to new ones using regex.
    - Demonstrates the process on a Joomla website, explaining steps in detail.
    - Demonstrates redirecting from old category to new category using regex rule.
    - Also shows handling individual article URL changes using regex.
    - Explains the concept of regex and its usage in URL rewriting.
    - Provides basic insight into working with .htaccess and regex for Joomla site maintenance.
    - Mentions more advanced tutorial sessions coming up on the topic.
    - Offers a demonstration of replacing old URLs with new ones using regex.

Monday Maintenance 080


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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