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If something has happened to your Joomla site and you are wondering "Whodunnit?" you might find the answer in Joomla's User Action Logs.



00:00 Introduction: Tim Davis introduces the topic of user action logs in Joomla and how they can help identify changes made to a site.

00:30 Plugin Overview: Overview of the user action logs plugin, its purpose, and the benefits of using it to track changes on Joomla sites.

01:03 Accessing User Action Logs: Tim navigates to the backend of a Joomla 5.1 site and demonstrates how to access and enable user action logs.

01:41 Enabling Action Logs: Steps to ensure that both the "Action Log - Joomla" and "System - User Action Logs" plugins are enabled.

02:19 Configuring Log Options: Explanation of various options within the user action logs, including what events to log and how to customize log settings.

03:25 Filtering and Viewing Logs: Tim demonstrates how to filter and view logs for specific actions, such as article edits and configuration changes.

03:57 Exporting Logs: How to export user action logs to a CSV file for further analysis or reporting purposes.

04:48 Conclusion: Tim concludes by encouraging viewers to subscribe for more Joomla tutorials.


Introduction: Tim Davis introduces user action logs in Joomla and their utility in tracking site changes.

Purpose of Action Logs: The plugin helps track who made changes to a Joomla site, which can aid in troubleshooting and training.

Accessing the Logs: Tim shows how to access the user action logs on a Joomla 5.1 site.

Enabling Plugins: Two plugins, "Action Log - Joomla" and "System - User Action Logs," need to be enabled to track actions.

Configuring Log Settings: The options menu allows customization of what actions are logged, such as enabling or disabling logs for banners.

Filtering Logs: Logs can be filtered by various criteria, like article edits or configuration changes, to pinpoint specific activities.

Viewing Logs: Logs display actions taken by users, showing details like who added or edited articles and when.

Exporting Logs: Logs can be exported as CSV files for detailed analysis or reporting, with options to export all or selected logs.

Practical Application: This functionality is particularly useful for managing sites with multiple contributors and ensuring proper training and oversight.

Conclusion: Tim encourages viewers to subscribe for more Joomla tutorials and enjoy using their Joomla sites.

By implementing user action logs, Joomla site administrators can effectively monitor changes, troubleshoot issues, and maintain control over site content and configurations.

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