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It used to be that email addresses on Joomla pages needed to be hidden through tricks in order to prevent spammers from farming them. However, for some time now all you need to do now is type an email address on a page and it will be automatically hidden when you save the article. Seeeing how Joomla hides email addresses from email farmers is the topic of this Maintenance Monday live stream! Also, if Joomla's email cloaking is creating script conflicts on your Joomla site, be sure to check out Email Protector from Regular Labs as an excellent alternative!


 - Video discussing email address hiding on Joomla pages.
- Host: Tim Davis from Joomla tutorials YouTube channel.
- Topic: Not necessary to hide email addresses on Joomla anymore due to automatic email address hiding by Joomla.
- Explanation of how email harvesting bots used to collect email addresses from websites.
- Mention that Joomla now automatically hides email addresses.
- Demonstrates using JCE editor to create a mailto link for email addresses.
- Explains how JavaScript-based email hiding used to work and its limitations.
- Introduces Regular Labs' Email Protector extension as an alternative solution.
- Discussion about conflicts with Community Builder's language translation strings and email addresses.
- Mention of issues when using email addresses in AcyMailing newsletters.
- Explanation of how AcyMailing 5 fixed the JavaScript issue.
- Recap of what happened in the previous livestream.
- Plans for the upcoming livestream to cover adding custom CSS or working with module classes in templates.

Monday Maintenance 090


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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