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Let's break Joomla 5 by playing with the Backward Compatibility plugin!

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Video Title: "(3) Breaking Joomla 5 by Playing with the Backward Compatibility Plugin - 👀 WMW 226 - YouTube"
- Presenter: Tim Davis, a Joomla enthusiast
- Introduction:
- Tim Davis greets Joomla fans and introduces himself.
- Mentions the recent family gathering and his birthday celebration.
- Overview of Video:
- Tim discusses breaking Joomla 5 intentionally by playing with the backward compatibility plugin.
- Explains the purpose of the backward compatibility plugin in the context of Joomla 4 and Joomla 5 coding.
- Backward Compatibility Plugin:
- Describes the backward compatibility plugin as a tool to make extensions using Joomla 4 coding compatible with Joomla 5.
- Compares it to language dialects and the need for translation or interpretation.
- Tim mentions that extension developers are gradually updating their extensions to use Joomla 5 coding.
- Dark Mode in Joomla 5:
- Briefly mentions some extension developers working on dark mode compatibility for Joomla 5.
- Live Demonstration:
- Tim demonstrates accessing the backward compatibility plugin in the Joomla 5 admin panel.
- Talks about various options within the plugin, such as switching class aliases and handling es5 assets.
- Important Note:
- Emphasizes the importance of having access to the control panel or a staging copy before experimenting with the backward compatibility plugin, as turning it off might break the site.
- MySites.Guru Tool:
- Introduces a tool in MySites.Guru for auditing Joomla sites for Joomla 5 compatibility.
- Demonstrates using the tool to identify files that might need the Joomla 5 compatibility plugin.
- Examples of Extensions:
- Tim reviews the audit results, pointing out extensions like Convert Forms, Admin Tools, and Maxim Menu CK that may need the compatibility plugin.
- Notes that some extensions, like JCE, have their own compatibility versions.
- Closing Remarks:
- Tim acknowledges comments from viewers about dark mode in Joomla 5 and other Joomla-related topics.
- Expresses gratitude for birthday greetings and provides updates on extension releases.
- Ends the video with a mention of upcoming tests, such as trying Stage IT on Joomla 5.
- Additional Notes:
- Some extensions are mentioned as potentially needing updates for Joomla 5 compatibility.
- The presenter acknowledges his limited programming expertise but demonstrates practical use and tools for Joomla site management.


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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