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Have you ever wanted to edit the CSS of an area in your Joomla template but you just didn't know which code you needed to change in order to get the desired result? Well, playing a game of Chrome Dev Tools Roulette might be just the thing that helps you find the solution. How to play Chrome Dev Tools Roulette is what today's maintenance Monday live stream is all about. Here are some links mentioned in this stream:



 Monday Maintenance 129

  • Video demonstrates using Chrome Dev Tools to edit Joomla CSS.
    - Presenter is Tim Davis, discussing CSS editing in Joomla templates.
    - Chrome Dev Tools is used to view and edit website CSS code.
    - Developer tools are accessible with F12 or right-click and select inspect.
    - Chrome Dev Tools feature doesn't work in Firefox or Microsoft Edge.
    - Presenter demonstrates finding and changing CSS using Dev Tools.
    - Presenter interacts with the CSS properties and values.
    - Roulette analogy used to describe exploring CSS changes.
    - Process involves identifying elements, testing changes, and copying code.
    - Presenter shows how to change text alignment using CSS.
    - Custom CSS added to Joomla template for changes to take effect.
    - Use of Chrome Dev Tools simplifies CSS editing process for beginners.


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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