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If you open a Joomla article and see an error notification that says "Unable to load user with ID: [some number]" or you have a number of articles in the articles manager that "none" is the author of, you probably have some missing or deleted users or at some time in the past your site existed in a much older version Joomla and has been updated. Regardless of the cause, you need to fix the incorrect or missing authors in those articles. How to fix incorrect or missing authors in Joomla articles is what today's Maintenance Monday live stream is all about.



- The video discusses fixing missing or incorrect authors in Joomla articles.
- Tim Davis presents the video on the "Maintenance Monday Live Stream #082" on YouTube.
- Tim Davis mentions using an extension called DB Replacer from Regular Labs.
- He emphasizes backing up the site before using DB Replacer as it involves making changes to the database.
- He demonstrates how to fix the issue of "unable to load user with ID" by using DB Replacer to replace the missing user ID with an existing one.
- Tim Davis explains that this issue arises when a user who was the author of an article is deleted, and the system cannot find that user.
- He showcases the process of using DB Replacer to update the author's ID in the database, which eliminates the error.
- Another issue discussed is articles with the author listed as "none."
- Tim Davis shows how to find and replace articles with missing authors using DB Replacer.
- He demonstrates searching for articles with the author field set to "null" and then replacing them with a valid author ID.
- There's a technical glitch in the video towards the end where the replacement process doesn't seem to work as expected.
- The video ends with Tim Davis sharing news about his recent experiences and inviting viewers to join a Zoom meeting.

Please note that the transcript seems to be quite long, and I've tried to capture the main points. Let me know if you need more specific details or any further assistance!

Monday Maintenance 082


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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