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You can help Joomla! development and testing by sending in the very generic and anonymous stats about the server and system your website is running on. In this video we'll see how to set and/or change the options for doing so!



  • The video discusses how to show some statistical love to Joomla and change Joomla's settings related to sending stats.
    - The speaker uses the Stage It extension to create a staging version of Joomla for demonstration purposes.
    - When installing a new Joomla site, users are asked if they want to send generic stats to the Joomla project to help them understand how Joomla is being used in various environments.
    - To enable Joomla statistics, users can click on a link provided during the installation process.
    - To change the settings related to sending stats, go to System > Plugins and filter for "stat."
    - Two plugins related to stats will appear: "System Joomla Statistics."
    - In the plugin options, users can choose whether to always send stats, adjust the intervals for sending stats, or never send stats again.
    - A pro tip is provided to set the interval to zero if you want to prompt the client again about sending stats when handing over the site.
    - Sending stats helps the Joomla project with development and provides cool graphs and information.
    - The video is sponsored by, and a coupon code "basicjoomla" is offered for a discount.
    - The speaker encourages viewers to subscribe to the channel, like the video, and share the love for Joomla statistics.

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