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You don't always have to download an extension to your computer and the then upload it in order to install it on your #Joomla site. Many Joomla extensions can be installed through the "Install from Url" tab. That's what we are looking at in today's #maintenancemonday livestream.



  • This is the 25th episode of the "Maintenance Monday Live Stream" on YouTube.
    - The host, Tim Davis, discusses issues with delay in previous episodes and mentions trying new settings to reduce the delay.
    - He thanks viewers for their support and encourages them to like, comment, and subscribe.
    - The main topic of the episode is how to install Joomla extensions directly from a URL, saving the need to download and upload them.
    - Tim demonstrates how to use the "Install from URL" feature in Joomla's extension manager.
    - He explains that this method works for extensions with direct download URLs, typically ending in ".zip".
    - Tim gives an example using the "Focal Gallery" extension and shows how to paste the download URL to install it directly.
    - However, he also notes that some extensions, like the JCE editor, have masked URLs and cannot be installed this way.
    - Tim emphasizes the time-saving benefits of installing extensions from URLs.
    - He announces the winner of a giveaway and briefly mentions his subscriber count.
    - Tim signs off, mentioning his plans to experiment with the new delay system but remains live to interact with potential viewers.

Monday Maintenance 025


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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