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Be aware that previous changes you made to the .htaccess file for your Joomla! site may haunt you later on down the road!


  • The video discusses an issue with the ".htaccess" file in Joomla websites and its impact.
    - The presenter, Tim Davis, recounts an experience where clicking a link led to a YouTube channel instead of the intended article.
    - He discovered that a misconfigured rewrite rule in the ".htaccess" file was causing the issue.
    - The ".htaccess" file is a configuration file for the Apache web server software and can control various aspects of a website.
    - The presenter demonstrates accessing the file through his hosting control panel and editing it to fix the issue.
    - He explains the purpose of the rewrite rule, which was redirecting URLs with "YT" to a YouTube channel.
    - A comment with a hash "#" can be used to disable lines in the ".htaccess" file.
    - The presenter identifies the caching challenge that affected the test process and shows the solution.
    - He shares that this experience highlights the importance of checking the ".htaccess" file if unusual issues arise on Joomla websites.
    - The video also includes interactions with viewers and additional technical details about the presented topic.


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