The Joomla Training Cohort has been launched!

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In this video I continue to work on the Joomla Training Cohort site by setting some content to be private, requiring users to be logged into their accounts with the proper access level in order to watch some videos I have create while working on client sites.

 - The video is about setting up a Joomla training cohort site with both public and private content.
- The video is hosted on YouTube on the Basic Joomla Tutorials channel.
- The presenter mentions being a Joomla fan and offers services for Joomla site development.
- The video is sponsored by, which offers tools for managing Joomla sites.
- The presenter discusses using Vimeo for private video content and controlling access.
- There was a problem with controlled video playback not working due to security headers.
- The presenter discusses using Advanced Module Manager and Conditional Content to control module visibility based on user groups.
- A user named Bjorn had registration/login issues that were resolved during the video.
- The video ends with the presenter addressing the width of the video player.

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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