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In this video we see how to make a phone number a hotlink so that when someone clicks on it a dialer opens up.



  • Video tutorial on making a phone number a hotlink in Joomla
    - Presenter: Tim Davis
    - Introduction and welcome to Maintenance Monday #195 on Basic Joomla Tutorials YouTube channel
    - Sponsor: – offers tools and information for managing Joomla sites
    - Special offer: Use coupon code "basic joomla" for a free first month upon subscription
    - Demonstrates how to create a clickable phone number link on a Joomla website
    - Shows step-by-step process:
    - Open a new article in front end using "front end edit buttons demo" extension
    - Input the phone number (example: 250-858-8066)
    - Highlight the number, click "insert edit link"
    - Use format: "tel:number" (without dashes), e.g., tel:2508588066
    - Illustrates how the phone number link works when clicked on
    - Explains the usefulness of hotlinking phone numbers for quicker calls, especially on mobile devices
    - Encourages viewers to subscribe, ring the bell, and like the video
    - Concludes with a reminder to enjoy managing Joomla sites and support one another.

Monday Maintenance 195


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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