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In this video we see how to make a phone number a hotlink so that when someone clicks on it a dialer opens up.



00:00 Introduction and Sponsor Message

00:35 Introduction to Making Phone Numbers Hotlinked

01:02 Demonstrating Frontend Editing in Joomla

01:34 Adding a Phone Number to an Article

02:13 Creating the Hotlink with "tel:" Protocol

02:57 Testing the Hotlinked Phone Number

03:28 Conclusion and Call to Action




Introduction: Tim Davis explains how to create clickable phone numbers on websites.

Purpose of Hotlinking: Similar to email links, phone number links allow users to initiate calls directly from a website.

Using Frontend Edit: Demonstrates frontend editing in Joomla using a new extension.

Adding the Phone Number: Enters a phone number (e.g., 250-858-8066) into an article.

Creating the Hotlink: Selects the phone number, then uses the "insert/edit link" feature, prefixing "tel:" followed by the number without dashes.

Saving the Article: Saves the article with the hotlinked phone number.

Testing the Link: Clicks on the hotlinked number to verify it prompts a call on a mobile device.

Subscriber Call to Action: Encourages viewers to subscribe and enable notifications for updates.

Video Engagement: Prompts viewers to like the video and engage with suggested content.

Conclusion: Wraps up with blessings and encourages viewers to enjoy working with Joomla.


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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