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It took a couple of hours to figure this out in last week's live stream, so I never published the recording because it would be very unhelpful to anyone finding the video looking for help. So today we'll revisit the solution we found and also a couple of variations. "Is it possible to assign CSS based upon user group in Joomla?" was recently asked in the Joomla FaceBook group. In this live stream we try a couple of ways to do just that!



 - The video discusses assigning CSS based on Joomla user groups.
- It's a revisited topic from a previous episode.
- The method involves using a tool called Re-Replacer from Regular Labs.
- Re-Replacer looks for specific elements in Joomla pages and replaces them.
- In this case, it's used to replace the closing head tag with custom CSS.
- Custom CSS is added to the head based on the user group.
- The Pro version of Re-Replacer is required.
- Alternatively, custom CSS files can be created and linked for specific user groups.
- The video shows how to change the heading color for a super user group.
- It demonstrates changing CSS for specific elements within articles.
- Different user groups can have unique CSS styles applied.
- The method can be used for various purposes like screen width-based CSS changes.
- Custom CSS should be added last for it to take precedence.

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