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ACYmailing is the go-to newsletter extension for Joomla. In this live stream I`ll be installing ACYmailing, version 6, and setting up a newsletter on the site so I can keep subscribers in the loop about channel news.


  • Video tutorial on creating a newsletter in Joomla using ACYmailing version 6
    - The host, Tim Davis, mentions the advantages of newsletters over social media for direct communication
    - Tim shares his plans to install ACYmailing 6 and create a newsletter on his site
    - Mention of a suggestion to create shorter videos
    - The tutorial begins with installing ACYmailing 6
    - Tim sets up the sender information and server settings for email delivery
    - Discussion of embedding images and attachments in emails
    - The introduction of templates and a basic template is created for a welcome email
    - A mention of using tags for personalizing messages
    - Demonstrates adding an unsubscribe link to the email template
    - Discussion of compatibility issues between ACYmailing 5 and version 6
    - Ongoing development of ACYmailing version 6 with updates every few weeks

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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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