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Use this Website Accessibility Testing Tool on your Joomla Site if you are looking for a easier way to see if your website is compatible with WCAG accessibility standards - and others. Not only is the Accessibility Insights For Web Chrome extension easy to use, it also has plenty of links and resources to help you learn how to make your Joomla site more accessible.



 - Video about using "Accessibility Insights for Web" to test Joomla site accessibility.
- Presented by Tim Davis on the "Basic Joomla Tutorials" YouTube channel.
- Sponsored by
- Accessibility is crucial for websites due to inclusivity, legal requirements, and user experience.
- Demonstrates a Chrome extension called "Accessibility Insights for Web."
- Steps to install the extension from the Chrome Store.
- Extension features a "FastPass" test mode to identify common accessibility issues quickly.
- The extension is demonstrated on the Basic Joomla site and the Cybersalt site.
- Highlights how the extension identifies issues, provides details, and offers solutions.
- Recommends watching an instructional video for more advanced features.
- Encourages viewers to use the tool to improve website accessibility.
- Teaser for a future video on Chrome Dev Tools for adjusting colors and improving contrast.
- Encourages viewers to subscribe and receive notifications for upcoming content.
- Closing remarks and suggestions for other recommended videos.

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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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