happy new year 2024

Happy New Year Everyone!

While it seems to be a little late to be doing so, I want to wish you all a happy, prosperous and blessed New Year. My holidays extended an extra week beyond New Year's Eve as I took time to enjoy a visit with my friend, Chetan Madaan and his family. We had so many good times…

Cybersalt is Managing Support for PHP Web Design

If you are wondering why Tim Davis is doing support for PHP Web Design (PWD) and also offering services through Cybersalt, you've either come to the right place, or been sent to the right place! Barnaby Dixon, founder, owner and developer of www.php-web-design.com has been…
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Sh404SEF, 4SEF, 4SEO and Joomla 4

For many years now Cybersalt has used Weeblr.com's Joomla extension Sh404SEF for managing the Search Engine Friendly (SEF) urls on our…
What is the ".well-known" for

What is the ".well-known" Folder?

Toro DTor ask a great question on the YouTube channel recently: "Recently I helped someone with an FTP setup for his Joomla-4 and noticed…

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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