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Cybersalt's mission is to make the Internet a better place for you and for others.

The Net Shaker is a sprinkling of internet related news that we think our clients and visitors either need to know or will enjoy reading. It is also where the latest news about our company can be found.

Celebrating 250 Watch Me Work Live Streams

Watch me Work Live Stream #250 Giveaway!

To celebrate Watch Me Work Live Stream #250, we gave away $50, $75, and $125 for winners to use towards their favorite Joomla paid extensions or services from Cybersalt! Congratulations to the winners: Michael Cuffe ($50) Michael Michael ($75) Victor ($125)
happy new year 2024

New Year Greetings and Plans for Success in 2024

While it seems to be a little late to be doing so, I want to wish you all a happy, prosperous and blessed New Year. My holidays extended an extra week beyond New Year's Eve as I took time to enjoy a visit with my friend, Chetan Madaan and his family. We had so many good times…
weeblr logo

Sh404SEF, 4SEF, 4SEO and Joomla 4

For many years now Cybersalt has used Weeblr.com's Joomla extension Sh404SEF for managing the Search Engine Friendly (SEF) urls on our…
What is the ".well-known" for

What is the ".well-known" Folder?

Toro DTor ask a great question on the YouTube channel recently: "Recently I helped someone with an FTP setup for his Joomla-4 and noticed…
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