Cybersalt Consulting is not a web hosting company, but we do provide web hosting for our clients on the very same servers upon which we run our business. This means you can expect the same quality of performance and stability for your site(s) and services that we expect for ours – based upon the location of the server.
Our server in the United States is hosted with LiquidWeb. You can read their SLA at:
Our server in Canada is hosted with Full Host. You can read their SLA at:
Both of these companies are known for their excellent speed, stability and service. The servers we have with them are “dedicated” and “managed” servers. “Dedicated” means Cybersalt is the only company using them and we have full say over how they are run. “Managed” means their respective company’s tech and support teams monitor them 24/7 and maintain, update and adjust them when necessary.
These tech teams don’t wait for us to tell them there is a system critical or uptime issue. When they are alerted to problems they act and deploy a solution. However, their support teams do wait for us, and are always waiting for us, should we require support for our business or a client need that is beyond our ability and expertise.
Again, these are the servers we depend upon to run our business, and like you we have no interest or time for slow, unreliable, and unnecessarily restricted web hosting which gets in the way of success online.

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