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GA4If you own a website that relies on user interaction and traffic, you already know how important it is to gain valuable information about how many people visit your website, what sections attract the most attention, and where most of your users come from etc. Thankfully, Google Analytics provides all this data (and much more) to allow you to modify your site and hopefully increase customer traffic and retention. Lately, Google released an updated version of Google Analytics called Google Analytics 4 (GA4), which provides a host of new features and improvements from its current version, also known as Universal Analytics. But don’t take our word for it; read below and find out how updating to GA4 can be helpful to your business.

A new Critical Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2022-1329) as been discovered in Elementor, a popular and powerful tool used in the building of WordPress sites.

Hire Cybersalt to manage your WordPress site!If you are subscribed to one of Cybersalt's monthly management packages, rest assured that we have already updated and secured your site against this vulnerability.

A Broken mySQL Table was Cause of High Server LoadIf you host your site(s) with Cybersalt, you didn't notice this - but we did!

Late yesterday afternoon, we began to receive automatic emails alerting us to an unusual increase in the load on our server. While all sites remained up and online, we immediately began to investigate in order to discover the source of the issue. Some possibilities we looked as were a DOS (Denial of Service) attack on one of our clients, a service that had glitched and needed to be restarted, or maybe even the viral online success of one of the sites we host.